NavFile is a business management, analysis, marketing, and consulting company that provides services across four segments. NavFile is focused on Navigating Research, Business, and Technology.

Our Mission

NavFile’s core mission is to develop products, services, and businesses that provide innovative solutions to the fulfill needs of people around the world. To support our mission, NavFile has a strong emphasis on researching all aspects of business operations to develop innovative solutions.

Our Vision

We are focused on managing businesses that provide value to enhance the lives of people.

Our Core Segments

NavFile operates under four core segments that focus on specific business areas.

Research and Marketing

Research and Marketing Segment Banner

Research and Marketing is focused on providing research and marketing services through NavFile’s web properties and for internal use in NavFile’s operations. This segment leads NavFile’s online content and marketing strategies.

Research and Marketing is also focused on providing information on The Walt Disney Company and Walt Disney World. NavFile was started as a research organization that provided information on places like Walt Disney World. Although NavFile has ventured into other areas, the research that we provide on The Walt Disney Company is key to understanding how one of the most influential companies in the world operates.

To get a full overview of Research and Marketing, please visit this page.


Technology Segment Banner

Technology is the at center of a significant portion of NavFile’s operations. Our Technology segment provides services and information centered around computer technology.


NavFile is an official solution provider for ownCloud, an open-source enterprise file sharing application. We provide various ownCloud solutions that help businesses integrate ownCloud into their operations.

More about Technology can be found on this page.

Business Solutions

Business Solutions Segment Banner

Our Business Solutions segment provides business management services to clients and for NavFile’s operations.

With our focus on providing innovative solutions, Business Solutions looks to help its clients and NavFile navigate various business climates to achieve market success. NavFile can take a look at the entire operations of a company and work to develop strategies and solutions that allow it to achieve positive growth. Business Solutions provides business and financial analysis solutions to help companies get a clear picture of key strategic initiatives that will allow them to grow. Business Solutions also leverages the strength of NavFile’s Research and Marketing and Technology segments to provide comprehensive analysis and solutions.

Further information on Business Solutions can be found here.

Group Organizations

NavFile has several subsidiaries that operate in various industries. These subsidiaries compose what we call the NavFile Group. The following is an overview of our Group Organizations.

NavFile Group Logo


The FlyRadius Logo

FlyRadius is an aviation research, marketing, and solutions firm that provides aviation information on its website and aviation solutions focused on commercial and general aviation aircraft.

The aviation articles on the FlyRadius website are read by thousands of visitors per month.

FlyRadius began fully operating in the aviation solutions space in 2021. FlyRadius Aviation Solutions assists clients with aircraft acquisitions, leasing and financing, cargo charters, and other aviation needs.

To learn more about FlyRadius, please visit the FlyRadius site.


EngineMark is a NavFile division that provides information on cars and the automotive industry.
It is one of NavFile’s development projects.

Information about EngineMark can be found here.


CircuitRoute is NavFile’s division that provides computer technology information in conjunction with NavFile’s technology division.

More details about CircuitRoute can be found on their website.

Our Leadership

David Aughinbaugh II

David Aughinbaugh II is NavFile’s Business Analyst. He has guided the company from its founding and led initiatives to expand NavFile’s operations. David serves as the public representative for the company and is involved with all aspects of our operations.

As a key strategist and architect for our company, he has worked to design every aspect of NavFile. That has included small details like NavFile's logo and color scheme.

David is a big supporter of innovation and the positive impact that business can provide to people around the world.

NavFile LLC

NavFile performs its direct operations though its official company name, NavFile LLC.