About Us

NavFile is a business, technology and research firm that provides business consulting, technology solutions, and research services.

Our site originally was focused on providing quality research covering various topics, with a focus on Walt Disney World Resort and The Walt Disney Company.

In 2020, NavFile became a company (NavFile LLC) that provides business, technology and research solutions.

NavFile LLC operates the navfile.com site.

NavFile also operates a number of other websites focused on aviation, automobiles, and technology. Learn more about those sites and firms on the NavFile Group page.

In 2021, we launched our ownCloud Services division that is focused on providing a wide range of support services for the open-source file sharing application.

As part of our technology services, we also provide email services. Learn more about our email services here.

Our team includes David Aughinbaugh II, who serves as a Research Strategist and Business Analyst for NavFile.

Please feel free to contact us at this page.