Splash Mountain to be Updated with The Princess and the Frog Theme

The Walt Disney Company has decided to change the theme of the popular ride Splash Mountain to one base on the Disney animated film The Princess and The Frog. The decision was announced by Disney on their Parks here on June 25th, 2020.

The move was made as the company looks to transition to a new theme based on the current times. According to Disney, the changes have been the works since last year, so the company may have the plan to complete the transition in place.

The theme for Splash Mountain was based on cartoons or short stories that were contained in the movie The Song of the South. That movie had become controversial in the 21st Century. In response to the controversy, the company has deemed that it is very insensitive to minorities and has not released the movie to the public.

In response to the current times, the company has finally put an end to any connections to the movie through this move.

Information on the Splash Mountain pages will be updated when more details are released from Disney.

Splash Mountain The Princess and the Frog Image

Above Splash Mountain and The Princess and The Frog image from Disney. Used under the fair use provision.

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