This past week, The Walt Disney Company completed its acquisition of 21st Century Fox. As part of a deal with the United States Government, the company will divest Fox’s regional sports networks to meet the requirements of regulators.

With the official completion of the deal with 21st Century Fox, it will have to be seen how the Walt Disney Company will integrate the company within its divisions and segments. Fox will give the company a significant standing in the media entertainment industry as Walt Disney Co was already one of the top leaders in the industry. Will the company try to integrate Fox with its businesses or will the company operate Fox as a separate division.

Right now, I feel that the company will operate Fox as its own division and not change its operations for a while as the company decides if it wants Fox to work with its other divisions.

Another big question with the Fox merger, is will it allow Walt Disney Company to grow at an even faster rate? That will be the main question to focus on as the company gives further details on the integration of Fox.

The 21st Century Fox Logo

Above: The 21st Century Fox Logo