eM Client is an email client for Windows and MacOS computers and devices. It is one of the few email clients available in the market where free and professional versions are available. NavFile is an eM Client partner and provides support for the application. The professional version of the application is packed with features that make it stands out from other professional email clients like Microsoft Outlook. EM Client can connect to a majority of the email servers on the market including those run by Google, Microsoft, and one run on open-source-based software.

eM Client Attachments Window Screenshot

Above: The Attachements Inferface Window of eM Client.

With its vast features and capabilities, eM Client is a great solution for those who need a professional-grade email client to handle their day-to-day email workload. In addition, eM Client is great for companies that need to deploy an enterprise-grade email client for their whole organization to use. Companies like Avis, Toyota (GB), and Air Canada Vacations use the application according to eM Client. Those businesses depend on the sold feature and integration set that eM Client provides. The application has watch for replies, message encryption capabilities, chat, all attachments view, notes, a visual theme editor, touchscreen support, backup, a deduplication tool, attachment history, translation of incoming messages, and tracking pixel detection. All of those features combined are not found in any of the main email clients available in the market. On top of those features, eM Client has calendar and tasks support and most, if not all, of the features that are contained in the popular email client alternatives.

eM Client Logo

NavFile is an official partner of eM Client and offers professional licenses for the application. When you order the application through NavFile, you also get the support of the NavFile team. If you need help with the application you can reach out to the U.S.-based NavFile team for help.

If you would like to test out eM Client, please feel free to contact us for a free professional trial license. You can also download the free version of eM Client on the company’s website here.

You can order a professional eM Client license from NavFile on our client portal (single licenses) or you can contact us to get a customized quote and review of an eM Client deployment in your environment.