Kanboard - Kanban Project Management Software

NavFile provides services to support Kanboard which is a Kanban project management application. The software is open-source and available to be hosted on your systems. Our team uses Kanboard to manage all of the projects that we work on. The application allows your team to have a digital Kanban Board that can be configured to your team’s liking. Digital Kanban cards, with color customization, are included and can include a description and comments for the task. The Kanban cards in Kanboard go beyond a simple card and can include attachments, photos, and other files for each card. That feature alone makes Kanboard a powerful project management software package while still having the simplicity of the Kanban framework.

Kanboard a Kanban Board Example Image

Above is a screenshot of the Kanboard Kanban Board interface.

Kanboard Services

Our services for Kanboard include the following:

Kanboard Hosting – A full custom install of Kanboard on our infrastructure. We manage the software and updates that are needed to keep everything up to date. Cost: $45 per month. Includes up to 900 GB of storage space and 50 users.

Kanboard Install – An install of Kanboard on your server. Cost: $125.

Kanboard Management – Management, monitoring, and support for Kanboard on your infrastructure. Cost: $24 per month.

If you would like to learn more or sign up for our Kanboard services, please contact us here.

Kanboard Kanban Card Info Page Image

Above: Kanboard's Kanban Card (Project Details) page.

Kanboard Information and Articles

NavFile provides information on how to use Kanboard here on our site. Please take a look at our Kanboard section in the Kanboard menu (article coming soon).

Kanboard Kanban Cards on the Board

Above: The Kanban Cards on Kanboard project board view.