Today, NavFile launched its new file share and sync service, NavFile Storage. Built on ownCloud, NavFile Storage allows users to be in control of their own enterprise-level file share and sync application. To provide great scalability, NavFile Storage uses encrypted cloud storage from Backblaze. Combined with the flexibility of ownCloud and the scalability of cloud-based storage, customers of NavFile Storage will have access to as much data as they need.

NavFile Storage brings key features that major file storage services do not provide. Every customer for NavFile Storage will have their own NavFile Storage application that is dedicated to their use only. Since each customer has their own NavFile Storage instance, it can be customized for their specific use. A NavFile Storage instance can be used with a customer’s domain name or subdomain. With this feature, a customer can have a custom URL that aligns with their brand. Branding of the NavFile Storage online interface is possible through NavFile’s branding service. Clients can have a customized color scheme with their logo featured on the web interface through this optional service.

NavFile Storage Interface

Above: The NavFile Storage Online Interface

Pricing of NavFile Storage has been set to be competitive with the market on a per-user basis. Other online file storage solutions price their service using per-user pricing. NavFile differs from this model and provides a block of users for each NavFile Storage package. With this pricing model, customers will not have to worry about seeing large price increases for each user that needs access to the service. In addition, NavFile Storage has the capability for customers to add guest users to their Storage instance. This is great for organizations that need to give temporary access to share files with regular users of NavFile Storage.

NavFile Storage has three initial plans that have been optimized to fit the needs of different organizations. NavFile Storage Silver, Silver Plus, and Gold are the plans that are offered at launch. Silver and Silver Plus are priced at US $10 and $20 per month. Silver and Silver Plus are built for small organizations that need cloud storage for multiple users. Silver includes 4 users, and Silver Plus 9 users with 150 GB or 500 GB of storage space. Gold is priced at US $50 and includes 20 user accounts with 2TB of storage space. For customers that need a NavFile Storage with more users and storage, NavFile can provide a customized solution and price.

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