On Wednesday, the NavFile team completed a migration of the NavFile site that included a redesign of the site and a move to infrastructure that will give our visitors better load and response times from the site. The move was completed over several days that included input and work from the company’s marketing and technology teams.

No major changes to the site have been made since NavFile was launched. Since a major migration of the site had never been preformed, the NavFile team had to build its migration plan from scratch. Our Marketing and Research and Technology divisions worked together to ensure that the appearance and technical operation of the site was up-to-date with today’s standards. Marketing provided input and expertise on the NavFile brand design and site color scheme. Our technology team created a plan to migrate the site from an old Content Management System (CMS) to a new version. This required the research of solutions to ensure that the NavFile site would continue to have the same or better functionality as the old site. One of the challenges the teams faced was to find a replacement application for the display of the popup images. This required work to migrate each page with an image on it to the new application. Along with the new software, the NavFile site was moved to new server and network infrastructure that will help NavFile handle increased traffic. In addition, the tech team worked to ensure that there would be no downtime during the switch from the old site to the new site.

With every migration, challenges can appear once work starts. In this case, the NavFile technology team experienced issues with the site’s CSS/Javascript optimization application during testing of the new site. NavFile’s experience with solving technical issues and our creative and open approach allowed the tech team to find a solution in a few hours. With the problem solved, NavFile launched the site on Wednesday.

NavFile’s Business Analyst, David Aughinbaugh II, had the following to say about the overall migration of the NavFile site. “Our marketing and technology teams put in several hours of work to solve challenges with image display, core code optimization, and overall complexity with a major site migration. With the site migrated, NavFile will now be able to move forward with its online content strategy.”

NavFile is working on adding content in several areas over the next few months. Technology will be a key content area for the site as the company increases it ownCloud services and introduces new services focused on email and file storage.

The Old NavFile Site Screenshot

Above: The old NavFile Site Design