This article reviews Port Malabar, Florida, which is a community located within the city limits of Palm Bay, Florida. An overview of the history of the development and the original location of Port Malabar is covered in this article.

Port Malabar is a residential community in Palm Bay, Florida (Brevard County). It was created by General Development Corporation in 1959 as a large residential development community with an industrial park. General Development began buying and re-subdividing land that was located in the region of Palm Bay staring in 1959. General Development Corp was very active in developing residential communities around Florida at the time. Port St Lucie, Port Charlotte, the Vero Beach Highlands, and Sebastian Highlands were all originally created by the company. The firm would go on to create a large scale development in the Palm Bay region. Most of the land in Palm Bay is part of the Port Malabar Development, which was a result of the firm’s project.

Starting Point of Port Malabar

The original starting point for the Port Malabar development is currently located around the intersection of U.S. Highway 1 (U.S. 1) and Port Malabar Boulevard. Based on records, it looks like this was the area that General Development Corp began developing first. At the intersection, there is a tall City of Palm Bay sign or landmark. The sign reads Bayfront Development District, The City of Palm Bay Florida, A Perfect Place to Grow, South Cove. Also one of the original lots in the area is used by the City of Palm Bay for events. The lot has been named Celebration Square by the city. Those are the only items that mark this historical area for Port Malabar and the City of Palm Bay.

A Photo of the original location of Port Malabar Florida Which is in Palm Bay and Brevard County

Above Photo of Port Malabar Florida by David Aughinbaugh II and NavFile.

Palm Bay is Port Malabar

Port Malabar is practically the City of Palm Bay, however, the Port Malabar name is not used to describe the region that much. Even though the Port Malabar name is not used that often today, there are still many references to the original development in the area. You can also learn more about the region through our Palm Bay Florida section.


Much of the land in Palm Bay is contained within subdivisions that begin with the name Port Malabar. You can learn more about the subdivision here.

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