NavFile’s Research and Marketing segment provides research and marketing services through our online outlets and for NavFile’s team.

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Research and Marketing is primarily focused on developing our web presence through the research and reporting of topics that cover business and location-related topics. NavFile was launched as a travel or location research site focused on Walt Disney World Resort. Over the next few years, we expanded our operations beyond just being a research site to a company that looks to strategically deliver solutions to fulfill the needs of people around the world. Research and Marketing plays a key role in helping NavFile deliver those solutions. The segment assists NavFile with the research of ideas and the marketing of initiatives that the company is working on.

The Walt Disney Company

To launch NavFile’s online operations, NavFile began reporting on Walt Disney World Resort and the rides located in the Magic Kingdom. Our goal was to develop detailed information about the rides and features of the parks located in the resort. As a result of our research, thousands of people were able to get in-depth details on the rides at the Magic Kingdom. Research and Marketing continued to build on those initial articles by covering The Walt Disney Company in its entirety on our website.

The Walt Disney Company is a very unique company to research as it provides insights into how businesses can develop solutions that customers enjoy. Coverage of Disney continues to be a key focus for Research and Marketing.

The Walt Disney Company Magic Kingdom NavFile

Other Areas

Research and Marketing also provides information on other topics which include other locations and business, finance, and economic topics.

Articles centered around business topics are the second key area for the division. NavFile Center is an analysis section of the site where our team provides insight on the business topics.