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If you are looking for a training cue ball that can help you learn how to make cut shots quickly, take a look at the CutShots Aim Trainer cue ball system. Manufactured by renowned pool ball manufacturer Aramith, the system contains a training cue ball with object balls that players use to easily learn how to aim and make cut shots. CutShots aim training balls can be used for pool, billiards, or snooker (any cue sport). The simplicity of the system makes it great for any cue sports player.

Cut Shots

Cut shots are the majority of the shots that need to be made in a game of pool, billiards, or snooker. A cut shot is when a player needs to hit the object ball at an angle to direct it in the right direction. You cut the ball into the direction that you need to make into the pocket or another location. After breaking the initial set of balls, most of the shots taken are cut shots. To get better at the game of pool you need to train to make those cuts shots.

A photo of the CutShots 4 ball training cue ball set

CutShots Aim Training System

To train and become better at pool and cue sports, players need a training cue ball system that helps them know where to hit the cue ball to pocket the object ball. The CutShots billiard training ball set allows players to find the right areas to hit on both the object ball and the cue ball for a cut shot. By using a patented geometric design, the CutShots practice cue ball and object balls allow players to easily see the spots that need to be hit to sink a pool or snooker ball into the pocket. The system is easy to use and allows players to quickly “See the Spots and Sink the Shots”.

A photo of the Cutshots pool practice cue ball system in action on a pool table

See the Spots and Sink the Shots Training Method

The CutShots pool training ball set allows players to simply see the spots and then make the shots. To use the pool training ball system, players simply find the spot that would pocket the yellow object ball when hitting it with the cue directly. Players then move to the cue ball and find the spot that is the same distance from the edge of the ball on the opposite side. The geometric shapes on the ball help the player know and remember exactly where they need to hit the ball. The player then moves the cue from that spot to the center of the cue ball and then takes the shot. The result is that the object ball will be hit at the correct angle to pocket it. After practicing with the CutShots balls, you will eventually be able to move to regular pool or cue sports balls and apply the same strategy to make cut shots. To see this in action, please view the video below that explains the entire process.

Best Training Cue Ball

CutShots is the best training cue ball system because of its ease of use. You just find the spots on the object and cue balls and take the shot, it’s that simple. There are other training cue balls on the market, however, CutShots may be the easiest to use. Entry-level to experienced players can all use the CutShots Aiming System to refine their skills. The level of ease makes the system one of the best training cue balls on the market.

8 Ball Pool Training

CutShots is a great system to use for 8 ball pool training. Cut shots are an important part of being successful in the game of 8 ball and CutShots’ pool training cue ball can help. Use the CutShots aim training system to become better at cut shots by following the instructions in the video above. As a result of using the training system, you will become better at the game of 8 ball pool and sink more shots.

Training Billiard Ball

The CutShots aim trainer ball set can be used to get better at the game of billiards. The CutShots set contains a billiard training cue ball and one or more object balls based on the package that is purchased. As with pool, the system will help you visualize where to hit the cue ball so that the object ball makes it into the pocket or the intended position.

Snooker Training Cue Ball

CutShots can also be used as a cue ball and object ball training system for the game of snooker. You can use CutShots as a snooker practice cue ball and object ball set that will allow you to see where the cue ball needs to be hit to make various cut shots. CutShots can be substituted as a snooker practice ball so that players can gain muscle and visual memory to make shots.

Aramith Training Ball

In addition to being a great training system, all CutShots balls are manufactured by Aramith in Belgium. CutShots are an Aramith training ball that allows players to easily see where they need to hit the object and cue ball to sink shots. Aramith is the premier manufacturer of pool balls, so customers know they are getting a quality product.

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CutShots Pool Cue Ball Training See the Spots

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