This article gives an overview of the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad track layout for the ride in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World Resort, Bay Lake, Florida. We cover the details on how the track is situated for the ride and give a blueprint or an outline of the track configuration.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Track Layout

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is located on approximately 2.5 acres and has its track fitted into the space though a series of tight turns. The track has 3 inclines and 3 portions where the ride takes you back down to ground level or close to it. The ride is the fastest attraction in the Magic Kingdom (36 mph), which makes the downward portions “fast”.

To help guests see the track layout, we have created a track layout map for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. This can also be considered a basic Big Thunder Mountain Railroad blueprint of the attraction. It is featured below.

An Image of the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Track Layout Map or Blueprint

Above Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Track Layout Map or Blueprint created by NavFile.

Track Layout Description

The track layout for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is described below. All of the turns, inclines, and downward portions are covered.

1. Straight out of the station / boarding area.
2. Left into the mine.
3. Straight / Incline (Up). Bat Cave Portion.
4. Down / Left U-Turn
5. Straight / Down
6. Right U-Turn
7. Straight
8. Right Turn (Loop)
9. Left
10. Straight “Bumpy Area”
11. Tunnel / Left U-Turn
12. Straight / Incline (Up)
13. Straight / Down
14. Left / Down U-Turn / Hairpin Turn
15. Straight Down Then Up “Bump”
16. Left Loop (Sharp)
17. Tunnel / Straight
18. Straight / Bumpy (Sharp Down)
19. Right into Big Thunder Mountain Co. Building (U-Turn)
20. Straight into Building / Cave
21. Incline / Up (In Cave).
22. Down / Straight / Up
23. Left Down
24. Straight
25. Left U-Turn / Hairpin Turn / Tunnel
26. Straight / Bridge
27. Right / Down
28. Straight (Bones Area)
29. Left
30. Straight Slow
31. Left Slow
32. Right or Left Switch
33. Return to the Boarding Area / Exit Area

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