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A part of our coverage of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom (Frontierland), we have located and selected some of the best Big Thunder Mountain Railroad videos. Here we cover some of the best videos that can be found on YouTube and give a description and review of each video. All of the videos that we selected are HD videos of Big Thunder Mountain. Many of the videos are also available in 4K resolution.

Video Overview

Details on each of the videos, contained in the YouTube video player above, are provided below.

  1. The first video is an overview of the ride from the line or queue to the actual roller coaster itself. The video is by iThemePark and also contains a view of the ride from the outside at the end of the video.
  2. This video showcases Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at night and was created by SoCal Attractions 360. You will get a good overview of what the attraction looks like at night from this video.
  3. In this video, an overview of the ride is provided by ThemeParkHD. The entrance, exterior, loading area, and the ride are covered.
  4. Coverage of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad from the start to the end of the ride is provided in this video by Front Seat Coasters.
  5. This video by Theme Park Worldwide gives a great overview of the exterior and entrance of the ride. The line or queue is also showcased in this video. Footage of the exit area is also provided (partially).
  6. Theme Park Review created this video that covers Big Thunder Mountain Railroad during the daytime. The video is taken from one of the rear cars which gives a good view of what the ride looks like from the back.
  7. This Big Thunder Mountain Railroad video covers the ride from the front seat. The video begins at the start of the ride and ends a soon as the train arrives in the station. This makes the video one of the shorter videos of the ride.
  8. Front Seat Coasters created this video of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. This is another front seat video of the ride that only covers the ride itself and not the line or queue area.
  9. This video by Sharp Productions showcases what the roller coaster looks like at night. A night vision camera is used for a portion of the video.
  10. Footage of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at night is provided once again in this video by Sharp Productions. A night vision camera is not used is this video.
  11. The last video that we have selected is a one that was filmed from the front seat of the attraction. TheCoasterViews created this video which was filmed during the daytime on a sunny day.

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