This Space Mountain single rider line article refers to the roller coaster that is located at Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, Florida in the Magic Kingdom at Tomorrowland (not the other Space Mountain rides at other parks). Information on Disneyland California's single rider line is covered at the middle of this article. Now for the details:

Does a Space Mountain Single Rider line exist for the indoor roller coaster? Currently, Disney does not have a single rider line for Space Mountain at Walt Disney World. Walt Disney World does have a FastPass or FastPass+ line for Space Mountain. Through FastPass+ you will be able to get on the ride faster, however you must use Disney's electronic system either through the kiosks / cast members with tablets at the park or online via Disney's website or mobile apps.

There is no Disney World Space Mountain single rider line that you can use to get on the ride faster. FastPass+ is the best option to get on the ride fast, however, you have to make a reservation through Walt Disney World's electronic system.

Other Attractions With a Single Rider Line

In the Magic Kingdom there are no rides with a single rider / guest line. Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom have single rider lines at a few of their attractions.

Disneyland Space Mountain Single Rider Line (California)

On November 20th, 2017, Inside the Magic reported that The Walt Disney Company is testing a single rider line for Space Mountain at Disneyland in California. It is not clear if this test is still in place and a single rider line will a be a continued option for the ride.

Space Mountain Single Rider Line Sign Photo

Rider Switch

Walt Disney World Resort offers a program that allows a party with children and guests who do not want to or can’t ride a certain attraction to have one adult wait with the non riding guests, while the other guests wait in line. Once the guests return from the ride the waiting person or persons can then move to the front of the line to ride the attraction. This program is called Rider Switch, however, some may refer to it as rider swap. This can be a way for guests to get to the front of the line “faster” while waiting with other guests outside the ride. Technically this can be like a Space Mountain single rider line, however, it is not a true single rider line like other rides have. The main purpose of this program is to allow guests that want to ride a certain ride, to have the ability to do so when other guests can’t go on the ride.

Space Mountain does have the Rider Switch program available. At the time this article was written, Space Mountain was listed in the map section of the Rider Switch page and not on the list of approved rides on the Walt Disney World website. You can find out more about the program on the Walt Disney World site:

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