In this article by the NavFile Team, we review the Splash Mountain track layout and blueprints for the Walt Disney World Resort version of the ride. The track layouts for the other Splash Mountain rides are not covered in this article.

Splash Mountain Track Layout

Splash Mountain has a very interesting track layout that involves inclines and a few drops. The ride starts out in at the loading area that is near the bottom of Splash Mountain and makes it way to the top of the mountain through several inclines and turns. A good portion of the ride is spent inside of the mountain where the story for the ride is featured. All of the turns for the ride and the track layout for the ride are listed below.

Track Layout Overview

From the loading area:

  1. Straight
  2. Right 
  3. Straight – Up (Incline)
  4. Outside – Right 180 degrees
  5. Straight – Inside Makeshift Building
  6. Straight – Up (Incline)
  7. Straight – Slight Downward drop (Outside)
  8. Right
  9. Straight
  10. Slight Right
  11. Straight
  12. Right – 180 degrees
  13. Down – Drop – 10 to 20 Feet
  14. Straight – Entering the mountain (inside)
  15. Right (May bump in to the corner of the turn)
  16. Left - Slow
  17. Right
  18. Left
  19. Right – 180 degrees
  20. Slight Left
  21. Right
  22. Drop (Fast)
  23. Right
  24. Drop (Fast)
  25. Left - Inside of Cavern
  26. Right
  27. Straight
  28. Up – Incline to the big drop
  29. Big Drop – 50 feet
  30. Straight – Tunnel
  31. Right – 180 degrees (outside)
  32. Left
  33. Slight Right - Tunnel
  34. Left
  35. Slight Right – Right Waterfall
  36. Mini Drop
  37. Right – Into the steam boat scene
  38. Left
  39. Straight
  40. Left – Fox and Bear scene
  41. Right - 180 degrees into the unloading and loading area
  42. Straight – To the loading area

Splash Mountain Blueprints

Blueprints are a popular item of interest for most of the rides featured in Walt Disney World. Our team has put together a blueprint for the ride that is featured below.

An image of the Splash Mountain Blueprint or Track Layout Walt Disney World

Above image of the Splash Mountain blueprint by NavFile. Please feel free to share or reproduce on other sites with attribution to NavFile and this page. 

There are also many sites that are dedicated to creating blueprints for the rides. One site is Disney Blueprints which has detailed blueprints that look like architectural quality designs. You can view their Splash Mountain Layout blueprint on their site here.

View The Track Layout

One of the best ways to view the track layout is to view videos of the ride. On our Splash Mountain videos page, you can view in-ride videos of the attraction and see the track or waterway design of Splash Mountain. Please feel free to visit that page here for more information.

To learn more about the Magic Kingdom/Frontierland ride visit the other pages that are featured on our site.

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