Splash Mountain is one of the rides in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom that has a height requirement. Frontierland’s Splash Mountain has a height requirement of 40 inches or 102 centimeters. This is approximately 3.33 feet or 3 and 1/3 feet. A person that wants to ride Splash Mountain is required to have a minimum height of 3.33 feet. That is the Splash Mountain height limit or restriction for the attraction. Anyone that is below the 40-inch height limit will not be able to ride on Splash Mountain. 40 inches is the standard height requirement for all of the “fast” rides in the Frontierland as the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad also has the same height restriction.

A Sign of the Splash Mountain Height Requirement of 40 inches

A sign with the height requirement for Splash Mountain in Walt Disney World created by NavFile.

The Mountains Have the Highest Height Requirements

In the Magic Kingdom, the rides that incorporate mountains have some of the highest height restrictions. Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad both have height limits of 40 inches or 3.33 feet, which places them in second place for the highest height requirement. The ride with the highest height requirement is Space Mountain at 44 inches. Those three rides have the steepest height limits. Though out Walt Disney World, mountain rides are likely to have the highest minimum height requirements due to the drops and speeds that they reach.

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