As with many rides in the Magic Kingdom and across the entire Walt Disney Parks and Resorts attraction portfolio, Splash Mountain has a themed ride vehicle. Splash Mountain’s vehicle is designed to be a log from a tree that has been made into a water log boat. The Splash Mountain log ride’s boat floats on a river system that The Walt Disney Company created. The three Splash Mountains rides all have different water log designs. The Disneyland California version has a log with one rider per row. The Walt Disney World and Tokyo Disneyland versions have two seats per row. In this article, we will mostly cover Walt Disney World’s Splash Mountain log vehicle.

Splash Mountain Log Capacity

The capacity of the Magic Kingdom’s Splash Mountain log is 8 persons per log. Walt Disney World’s Splash Mountain has 4 rows that can fit 2 guests per row. Tokyo Disneyland has the same log capacity as the Walt Disney World edition. In comparison, the Disneyland California version can only hold 6 guests per log.

A photo of the Splash Mountain log 2 of them at Walt Disney World

Above Splash Mountain Log photo by M.M.Minderhoud or Wikipedia/Michiel1972 on Wikimedia Commons. Photo released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

Splash Mountain Log Jam

While the ride is in operation, there can be log jams that occur. These jams happen when one of the log vehicles stops moving, or the ride experiences a malfunction. When a log jam happens, Walt Disney World Cast Members usually can get the ride back up and running within a few minutes. In some cases, the ride has to be shut down and guests are “evacuated” from the ride. In these situations, guests are just asked to exit the ride through the exits. Log jam situations do not occur that often and are usually a rare event for the ride.

Splash Mountain Log Flume

The log flume portion of the ride occurs during the big drop in which the ride plunges into the briar patch. This portion of the ride is what makes the attraction a water log flume ride because there is a flume of water that is created from the drop to ground level. The flume is prominently featured from the exterior of the ride and is the focal point for the attraction. To view what the flume is like please visit our video page for the attraction.

Splash Mountain Log Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity was a video game created by Avalanche Software and Disney Interactive Studios. In 2015, The Disney team added the Disneyland Splash Mountain log as one of the set pieces for the Disney Infinity 3.0 version of the game. The Walt Disney World version of the water log was not created for the game. Disney ended future development of the video game in 2016.

Video of the Splash Mountain log in Disney Infinity can be seen below or on YouTube here.

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