As with many of the attractions in Walt Disney World, memorabilia based on the rides in the parks are popular among guests. In response to this demand, The Walt Disney Company has created many items based on the rides at their parks. Here we review the availability of posters, pins, and T-Shirts for Splash Mountain.

Splash Mountain Poster

The company has created a poster for Splash Mountain in the past. At the time this article was written, we have not seen The Walt Disney Company selling a poster of the ride. In the past, the company has had a poster for sale. It is currently unknown to us if there is a poster for sale at the Briar Patch gift shop or any gift shop in Walt Disney World.

Numerous sellers on eBay and other platforms on the internet are selling copies of the historic posters that are not in production. Please check out those platforms to find out more about the posters for sale.

Splash Mountain Pin

There are numerous pins for Splash Mountain for sale online. In Walt Disney World, there may pins available at various gift shops. Online, eBay has multiple sellers that are selling pins based on the water log attraction.

Splash Mountain T-Shirt

The Walt Disney Company has created several T-Shirts that are based on the ride. On the shopDisney website, there is a limited selection of T-Shirts for the attraction. You can view those here. (NavFile not compensated at this time).

In addition, other online sites have a collection of Splash Mountain T-Shirts.

The best place to see all of the Splash Mountain merchandise is at the Briar Patch gift shop, which is the gift shop for the ride.

A photo of the Splash Mountain T-Shirt with the 1980s Walt Disney World Logo

Above Splash Mountain T-Shirt photo by shopDisney. Photo used under the fair-use provision.

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