In this article, we review a few of the Splash Mountain videos for the Walt Disney World Florida version of the ride. Our team has selected some of the best videos that showcase multiple areas of the water log ride. Videos for the other Splash Mountain rides at Disneyland California and Tokyo Disneyland are not listed here.

The Splash Mountain Videos

Below is a YouTube video player with a playlist of the Splash Mountain videos that we found to be the best among the videos that are listed on YouTube. You can view all of the videos of Splash Mountain here or on the YouTube website by clicking on the title of the video. Most of the videos of Splash Mountain are point-of-view (POV) videos that show you what the ride looks like from the view of a person that is on the ride. That link will take you to our YouTube Splash Mountain playlist. Below the video player is a description of each video that provides an overview of what you can expect to see in each video.

1. The first video that is in our playlist is as Splash Mountain full ride video by Their video covers portions of the queue and the full ride during the daytime. This is a good introduction video of the ride and is one of the most popular popular as it was approaching 2 million views at the time we watched the video. Audio for the ride is good and you can hear most of the sounds that are part of the attraction.

2. The next video is one that showcases Splash Mountain at night. This video is also by This video starts out by showing the queue/line at night briefly and then the loading area of the ride. The video has a yellow tint to it, which we believe is to help out with the dark conditions at night.

3. The next video we have of the attraction is another at night video by ThemeParkHD. Their video covers the Magic Kingdom’s water log ride in good detail. There is a very short introduction that shows the queue area. After the quick opening, the video then cuts to the actual ride at the loading area. This is a good video to see what Splash Mountain looks like in the evening, without the yellow tint that the other video has.

4. Our 4th video is one by Brandonblogs that features Splash Mountain with minimal people on the ride. The video was taken when there were not many people at the attraction. The water log that is featured has no one else in it except the person that is taking the video. As a result, viewers can see the ride without any potential distractions.

5. If you want to hear the gopher that says FSU on Splash Mountain, the 5th video in our playlist is dedicated to that moment. You can hear the gopher clearly saying FSU in the video. Fast forward the video to 7:25 and the gopher will say FSU at the 7:30 mark. All of the videos listed above also have audio of the FSU gopher. You can learn more about this Easter Egg that was created by an Imagineer at The Walt Disney Company on our FSU page.